Apparently just like in a Hollywood movie NASA is going to rendezvous with an astroid in outer space. Their mission is to obtain rock samples andreturn them back to earth. But are they really going anywhere? Does this astroid even exist? Is NASA pulling our leg again? You be the judge.


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OpenMinded On Dec 23rd 2018
Apparently, per a different set of videos I recently watched on YouTube, a planet is supposed to be passing so closely to us in the year 2030, 45 million miles close, that the catastrophic damage will wipe out 80% of the planet. In addition, according to the video, the President knows he should be announcing this to the world, but wont. The video: Reply to this comment
bobem On Apr 03rd 2018
the language i this vieo leaves a lot to be desired, how could any parent let a child see a video with the "f" word being used so much?? Reply to this comment
Space cadet On Apr 03rd 2018
Sometimes it's better not to open your mouth so people don't hear how stupid you are. Instead of "asking questions that are stupid", try to understand the mechanics of space travel. I'm sure there's some college close to you. Ask a year 2 physics student. I'm sure he can break it down for you. Good thing you admit you don't know what is happening. Instead of going "I can't understand or imagine how it can work therefore it doesn't work", try find out how it works. High school science students will explain perfectly. No need to go as far as college. Moron Reply to this comment
Darren Anderson On Apr 03rd 2018
Spot on flat earth asshole. Loved it. NASA lies, and felt earth asshole is waking up the masses nice work Reply to this comment
albert einstein On Apr 03rd 2018
this is right and i, too, believe in the flat eath Reply to this comment
Trevor Stone On Apr 03rd 2018
I've dedicated a combined 112.4 hours of my life watching this mans videos, and I have to say... FINALLY SOMEONE HAS THE BALLS TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH THAT I'VE BEEN SAYING FOR MONTHS NOW. In the 60's they had MLK, in the 1860's they had Lincoln, today we have this man. God bless you sir and thank you for your service. (you can't tell but I'm saluting right now.) Reply to this comment
sven On May 08th 2017
can this man curse more? just a little more. so it blocks out the rest of the bullshit? Reply to this comment
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