Flat Earth Presentation On Macedonian Late Night Talk Show

Flat Earth Presentation On Macedonian Late Night Talk Show

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mary On Jun 22nd 2017
i came here with an open mind about the subject, but some of these points he makes are just not true. for example, he says antartica is guarded by military and you can't go there. several govts do have tiny bases there on the coastline. but the continent is not governed by any country, and its not off limits to people. thousands of tourists go there every year for expeditions, skiing, mount climbing and such. just google search "antarctica tours" or "hiking antarctica". so if he's not telling the truth about this, what else is he saying that isn't true? think about his arguments and do your research, because it seems even he didn't do research first. Reply to this comment
Matthew On Apr 03rd 2018
Correct. You can actually charter trips to the South Pole and watch the Sun never set in the Summer, which is literally impossible with the current flat earth explanation. Watching the flat earth explanation, it shows that you'd only see the Sun for a few minutes per day, and there wouldn't be any different between seasons.
Colby cheerier On May 08th 2017
I totally believe this man the earth is flat NASA lying to us Reply to this comment
Marco H On Apr 03rd 2018
All your arguments about the earth not having an spheoid shape fall flat. Get it? Lol.
Helen On May 08th 2017
Thank you. Read Terra Firma written before NASA. People wake up! Start worshipping our awesome Creator, Lord Jesus Christ, NOT man! Reply to this comment
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